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Welcome to Accelerate consulting services, specializing in guiding businesses across industries to leverage Bitcoin and innovative tech for success. Our experienced consultants help you navigate the digital economy's complexities and unlock growth opportunities.

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At Berglinde, we know every business is unique. That's why we offer tailored consulting, collaborating closely with you to grasp your goals, challenges, and industry dynamics. From strategic planning to implementation, our seasoned consultants provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Position your business for success in today's digital economy by leveraging expert consulting services.

Drive Innovation

Harness the power of Bitcoin and innovative technologies to drive innovation and transformation within your organization.

Maximize Opportunities

Identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth, revenue generation, and market expansion.

Ensure Compliance

Navigate regulatory complexities with confidence, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with Bitcoin-related projects.

Thanks to Berglinde's consulting services, we were able to effectively integrate Bitcoin into our business strategy and fully exploit the potential of this technology. Their expertise and support have helped us to gain a real competitive advantage.

Thomas M.
Start-up founder

We were impressed by the personalized attention and deep understanding that the Berglinde team showed for our industry. Their advice has helped us to develop innovative solutions and identify new growth opportunities.

Anna B.
Managing director of an insurance company

Berglinde's consulting services have helped us to develop a clear strategy for the integration of Bitcoin into our company. Their expertise and commitment have made a decisive contribution to our success.

Max M.
CEO of a financial services company
use cases

Bitcoin Use Cases

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Bitcoin as a treasury asset

We help you understand how to benefit from Bitcoin as your treasury asset

Bitcoin payments

We help you implementing Bitcoin as a payment solution within your existing ecosystem.

Bitcoin asset allocation

You would like to better understand, how to integrate Bitcoin in your asset allocation.

Co-entrepreneurship for Bitcoin innovation

You don't want to deal with Bitcoin within your core business, but would like to still shape the future. We are happy to jump on the same boat as you do.

Stabilize the energy grid

You want to implement Bitcoin as part of the renewable energy infrastructure but don't know how to start? Talk to us!

Custom solutions

Whatever Bitcoin related question you have - talk to us! We will find a solution together with you!

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